Good incentive travel planning is an art, and when coupled with experience and enthusiasm, it is your achievers who win all the way by getting to enjoy a well organized trip that leaves them wanting to achieve more for you, again and again.

Entertaining, educational or professional?
Incentive trips are more often conducted purely for entertainment purposes but sometimes also for educational or professional intentions and that means that your on site DMC has to be multi tasked in so many ways.

We have decades of accumulated experience and personal skillfulness of the Icelandic incentive market and infrastructure.

We have hands on knowledge of all levels of the market, we hand pick our suppliers, according to our clients needs, weather it being hotels, restaurants, recreation, culture, activities or transportation of any means, as well as our specially selected incentive guides.

Why Iceland? Why Reykjavík?
Because Reykjavík, Iceland is perfectly situated midway between USA and Europe. The flight from Europe only takes about 3 hours and only 5 hours from North America.

Once in Iceland, the drive from the international airport in Keflavík to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík lasts about 40 min –with the option of making a small D-tour of 10 minutes to the Blue Lagoon en route.

Furthermore, during your stay in Iceland, there is no need to drive far to pure nature. Most of the nature attractions and Incentive activities and venues we offer can be reached within 2-3 hours drive from the capital.

Incentive trips to Reykjavík, Iceland all year, offers many choices of various activities. We have mild winters, with the temperature hovering around 0°C and cool summers with temperatures from 12-18°C on the average – not as cold as many think!

And there is more…
All the energy used in Iceland, industrial or domestic, whether it is electricity or hot water to heat homes, swimming pools, and all the jacuzzis, is water-energy. from natural resources, without any pollution during the process of harnessing the energy until reaching the consumer.

This makes Iceland environmentally friendly and a very good destination!

Welcome to Colors of Iceland -Our world!